Lightweight, Compact Plastic Nut

Standard Shaft Diameter 8mm, Shaft Lead 2mm; Accuracy grade C7

Ball Screw R-Series

Lightweight Resin Nut offers Wear Resistance Longer Life

Because of the plastic material used, the R-Series nut can contribute to the lightweight requirements of tabletop applications. Superior corrosion and wear resistance by using PolyPhenylene Sulfide - PPS, makes the R-Series suitable for medical equipment.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistant

Advanced corrosion resistance design, the R-Series offers excellent chemical or corrosion resistance for use in harsh enviroments.

Compact & Quiet

Minimal surface contact allows a much quieter performance than typical lead screws. Having redesigned the structure of the ball recirculation component, the R-Series acheives a smaller nut, both in overall length and body diameter.

    • SeriesRW
    • Component TypeNut and Screw Assembly
    • Shaft TypeRolled Thread
    • Accuracy GradeC7
    • Design MeasurementMetric
    • Nut Recirculating DesignEnd Deflector Resin
    • Screw Shaft Diameter (mm)08
    • Pitch / Nominal Lead (mm)02
    • Screw Shaft TypeUnfinished shaft end or Machined shaft end
    • Overall Screw Shaft Length (mm)400
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