Every industry needs to respond on short notice.

In a world of ever-changing requirements, the fundamentals of quality manufacturing, service and delivery remain the cornerstone of success for KURODA JENATEC as a Motion Control component supplier. Under the KURODA JENATEC brand, our worldwide companies manufacture a wide array of precision and rolled ball screw product, linear actuators and linear motion related components ready to meet the market demand in the continually growing Automation Manufacturing sectors.

KURODA JENATEC is continually focusing on the evolving demand for accurate and repeatable motion control systems. The material handling, machine tool, semiconductor and medical device industries are still robust in their demand for linear motion products, with robotics expected to be one of the fastest growing segments. More companies are looking to achieve higher efficiency margins in assembly and production – and they are turning to robotics and automated conveyance systems. KURODA JENATEC can help achieve this end goal with short delivery periods on a full array on products.

With its wide range of ball screws including ultra-precision ball screws, large diameter ball screws and miniature ball screws, as well as ball screw linear actuators and linear guide rail systems, KURODA JENATEC offers a competitive advantage with rapid response engineering support and shorten delivery on a variety of products.

KURODA JENATEC, located in metro Atlanta GA, provides immediate delivery for an array of Linear Rail products, Support Units as well as custom and standard ball screw assemblies. Our worldwide manufacturing facilities are also equipped with cutting-edge production drive systems to facilitate short delivery on both small quantity and mass-produced products.