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KURODA'S essential theme is “Precision”

KURODA based on its strong commitment to precision and its craftsman’s DNA that dictates it to “create the things you need by your own”, has developed a large number of underlying technologies related to measurement; heat treatment; precision machining and assembly; precision equipment, jigs, and machine tools, and a wide variety of products. KURODA’s products have become essential in a wide range of fields, such as home appliances, machines, cars, medical care, and electronic equipment.


90 years

More than 90 years of history and trust

Since its foundation in 1925, the companies of KURODA have continuously supported many industries with reliable technologies related to “precision”. The relationship with its customers, its technologies, and the expertise KURODA has accumulated over these 90 years of history make it a highly credible brand in the Linear Motion Products Sector.



Since its foundation in 1925, Kuroda’s precision technology has earned high marks in reliability and value all over the world.

In recent years, KURODA has accelerated its global expansion to support industrial advancement all over the world through precision technology. As part of this effort, Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. acquired the JENATEC group IN 2012, and integrated both organizations and their product offerings. This expanded its worldwide sales organization to make the KURODA JENATEC brand into a truly global driving force in the Linear Motion industry.

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