What is a Linear Rail Guideway System?

SBC Linear Rail System is a two-part system consisting of a linear block (or sometimes referred to as a carriage) and a linear rail which helps transport motion with ease and efficiency. Within the blocks are rolling elements, a recirculating 4-row, two-point contact structure which enables equal load carrying capacity in four directions, making this a versatile installation in any direction. SBC Linear Rail Guideway's simple design allows for fast installation, easy drop-in replacement and provides outstanding performance in demanding linear motion applications such as transport systems, packaging equipment and machine tool equipment.

Equal Load Carrying Capacity in Four Directions

SBC Linear Guides offer four-row, circular-arc groove with 2-point contact at a 45 degree angle creates the same load in all directions, which enables the carriage to bear equal load in radial, reversed radial and lateral directions. This translates to a versatile installation in any direction.

Smooth Movement & Reliability in High Speed Operations

This circular-arc raceway structure absorbs the instrumental errors and creates a smooth movement even under high load operation. A sufficient preload can be achieved with high rigidity and large permissible load, making it suitable for any kind of installation.