• Bidirectional ActuatorsRealizing Symmetrical Back-and-forth Motion

    Dual motion functions achieved with a single actuator.

    Has high positioning accuracy with a compact design that contributes to space-efficiency. Enables design regardless of mounting posture for both vertical and horizontal use.

    Repeated positioning accuracy (+-)0.01mm or less.

  • A - Series Ball ScrewsNext Generation Side Deflector™

    Supporting the miniaturization of equipment.

    A culmination of engineering and design expertise that satisfies a multitude of key requirements supporting the miniaturization of customer equipment.

    High Speed, Quiet, and Compact

  • SBI Low Profile Linear Rail GuidesAffordable, USA Stocked for Quick Delivery

    High Rigidity and High Load Performance

    Quiet and Self-Aligning for Smooth, Quiet Operation with low Instrumental Errors

    Complete Interchangeability between Blocks and Rails

    18 Block Designs - Sizes 07-65mm

    Heavy Load, Medium Load, Compact, Flanged, Slim, Miniature

    Rust, Corrosion and Contaminate Protection Available