KURODA JENATEC’s mission is to provide high-precision, high-quality products and services by leveraging its high-precision technology developed under the spirit of its P&P (Precision & Productivity) corporate philosophy to support the advancement of industry all over the world. KURODA JENATEC will work company-wide on the following points to achieve its mission.

  1. Excellent quality is the foundation of customer’s trust on KURODA JENATEC brand. Therefore, KURODA JENATEC will constantly do its utmost to maintain and improve that foundation.
  2. Build a company-wide quality management system to make it the basis of all KURODA JENATEC operations to ensure effective and continuous improvement.
  3. Quality has priority over profits.
  4. KURODA JENATEC will create and provide high-quality differentiated products and services that meet customers’ requirements and generate more value than expected.
  5. Ensure that all personnel understand this policy, abide by the rules in accordance with the Compliance Policy, and act with the awareness that quality is the responsibility of each one.