SG / SE / SC Linear Actuators

  • Exceptional Combination of High Force, Speed & Precision
  • Integrated and Low Profile for Space Efficiency
  • Standard Stroke Lengths over 1200mm

What is a Linear Actuator? Machine element that can transfer input energy from rotary motion to linear motion or vice versa. Ball screw and guide rail are integrated in a compact single axis module, eliminating the need for complicated fine adjustment and reduces the number of working processes. With the slide block set in a U-guide rail, the KURODA JENATEC linear actuator achieves high rigidity against bending and deflection. Its low-profile design and compact shape allow for considerable reduction in necessary space as compared with usual table-type structure.

KURODA JENATEC Linear Actuators product offerings provide an array of diverse technical solutions through cutting edge precision technologies in sizes 15mm to 55mm (height to the top of the slide block) available in Ground C3 and Rolled C7 precision grades.