Next-Generation Side-deflector™ Method, Space-Saving Alternative for Quiet High-Speed, High-Load Applications

Standard Shaft diameters 12-25mm. Shaft Leads 05-25mm. Accuracy grade C5-C7 StandardApplications: Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, PCB and LCD Manufacturing Equipment, Industrial Printing, Medical Device, Transport Robots

SERIES CATALOG with End-Machining Options
Ball Screw A-Series


Designed to meet the needs of recent developments in automation, as well as applications with strict tact time requirements, the A-Series of products offer greatly increased rotational speed and DN values. This high-speed capability keeps in step with improvements in ever-improving high performance motors.

Low Sound Pressure

Sound pressure has been reduced to 6dB when compared to conventional tube recirculation method ball screws. Additionally, the A-Series design greatly reduces high frequency sound, which provides excellent sonic performance.

Compact and Space Saving

To support the space efficiency of our customers’ equipment, the A-Series was developed as a streamlined nut body with a compact flange, reducing nut size by 30% and a nut weight by up to 50% when compared to conventional options.

DIN Standard Compatible

To support the versatility of our customers’ equipment, the A-Series (AH / AD) was developed to be compatible with the German Institute for Standardization.

    • SeriesAD
    • Component TypeNut and Screw Assembly
    • Shaft TypeRolled shaft thread Hard-turned nut thread
    • Accuracy GradeC7
    • Design MeasurementMetric
    • Nut Recirculating DesignSide Deflector
    • Screw Shaft Diameter (mm)16,20,25
    • Pitch / Nominal Lead (mm)05,10,16,20,25
    • Screw Shaft TypeUnfinished shaft end or Machined shaft end
    • Overall Screw Shaft Length (mm)480 to 2000
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