End-Cap Method Precision Ball Screw, ideal for High-speed transport

Standard Shaft diameters 08-32mm. Shaft Leads 06-64mm. Accuracy grade C5 StandardApplications: Scara Robot, Chip Mounter, Water Handling Robot, Medical Device, Transferring Systems, PCB Inspection

SERIES CATALOG with End-Machining Options
Ball Screw H-Series

Long lead makes these ball screws ideal for high-speed conveyance

With a lead one to three times the shaft diameter, the H-Series ball screws can achieve higher feed rate at a low rotational speed. They are effective for reducing vibration, noise, and heat generation.

More compact nut as a result of using multi-start thread

The H-Series nut, which tends to become longer with longer lead, is kept compact and with better rated specifications as a result of using a multi-start thread.

    • SeriesHG
    • Component TypeNut and Screw Assembly
    • Shaft TypeGround thread
    • Accuracy GradeC5
    • Design MeasurementMetric
    • Nut Recirculating DesignEnd Deflector Method
    • Screw Shaft Diameter (mm)08,12,15,16,20
    • Pitch / Nominal Lead (mm)12,20,30,32,40,60
    • Screw Shaft TypeUnfinished shaft end or Machined shaft end
    • Overall Screw Shaft Length (mm)210 to 2200
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