Quick delivery of Machined and Unmachined Assemblies, Small and Large Diameters

Standard Shaft diameters 06-63mm, Shaft Leads 1-12mm.Applications: Transfer Machine, Machine Tool, Automation, Food processing Machines

Ball Screw JT-Series

Small to Medium Batch Quantity

Based on demand, these ball screws can be made to order, reverse engineered from sample, or drop in replacement.

Large Diameter and Screw Lengths Options

With leads from 01 to 40 mm, these ball screws are available as high as 80mm diameter in standard offering, with up to 125mm for custom. Standard screw lengths up to 5000mm, with custom options up to 7000mm.

Whirled Assemblies (C5 Accuracy) available

Whirled assemblies are available in diameters 20mm and larger. With travel accuracy to 0.023mm/300mm with backlash or preload options. Quick delivery on stock sizes.

    • SeriesJTi
    • Component TypeNut and Screw Assembly
    • Shaft TypeGround Thread
    • Accuracy GradeC3
    • Design MeasurementImperial (Inch)
    • Nut Recirculating DesignRecirculating or Pitch Shift
    • Screw Shaft Diameter (mm)16,20,25,32,40,50,57
    • Pitch / Nominal Lead (mm) 5.08,6.35,12.70
    • Screw Shaft TypeUnfinished shaft end or Machined shaft end
    • Overall Screw Shaft Length (mm)700 to 3200
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