Compact Deflector Method for Precise Positioning

Standard Shaft diameters 06-14mm. Shaft Leads 01-10mm. Accuracy grade C3 StandardApplications: Small Pitch Feeding machines, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Medical Device, Analyzing Equipment, Optical Equipment

SERIES CATALOG with End-Machining Options
Ball Screw D-Series

Industry’s smallest compact nut class

The industry’s smallest nut dimensions in our D-Series were achieved by using an improved ball circulation system called deflector method, which allows for minimal nut dimensions.

Ideal for precision fine-pitch feeding machines and equipment

With a lead of 1 to 10 mm, these ball screws are well suited for machines and equipment that require precision small-pitch feeding and positioning.

    • SeriesDP
    • Component TypeNut and Screw Assembly
    • Shaft TypeGround thread
    • Accuracy GradeC3
    • Design MeasurementMetric
    • Nut Recirculating DesignDeflector
    • Screw Shaft Diameter (mm)06,08,10,12,14
    • Pitch / Nominal Lead (mm)01,02,03,04
    • Screw Shaft TypeFixed side: Finished Supported side: Unfinished shaft end or Machined shaft end
    • Overall Screw Shaft Length (mm)130 to 530
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